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Dota 2 Guide

Are you a league of legends player? Learn to play Dota 2 now!

Domingo, 20.01.13

How to Play DOta 2 Like A Pro

Dota 2 Beginners Guide


The Cazamareas (Tidehunter) known as Leviathan was once champion of the sunken Islands, but their motivations are as mysterious as its people. The importance that have the Drylanders navigation routes and empires can grow or perish depending on who controls the oceans is well known. However, very few know underwater routes and how the tribes at war Meranthic Diaspora were digging abodes during their endless underwater sieges. Fragile treaties between the Mer and men we can glimpse the scope of submerged Empires, although their policies appear complex and opaque. Seems to be that Leviathan, tired of so many you rencillas and swearing loyalty only to their Maelrawn the Tentacular abyssal God, he decided to depart in solitude. Now lurks in the shallow waters to men or meranths which have deviated from its path and saves a special grudge Admiral Kunkka, his nemesis from long ago for reasons lost in the depths of the oceans.

Tidehunter is a hero of strength with a devastating ultimate that allows estunear to all the opposing team and damage them enough in an incredible area of about 1000 of range effect, turning the hero into a potent initiator to which we should buy a dagger blink in any type of game. In addition to his power as initiator is a good support/tank/ganker as we shall see below...


+ It has a very good slow (that above low armor, very useful for gankear at the beginning of the game)
+ Movement speed very good at the beginning of the game (useful for gankear and block)
+ Passive that helps you be better tank
+ Ultimate area as stunea (large area)
+ With low anchor attack enemies - 40 %
+ Relatively easy to handle


+ You need seriously items that provide more mana
Tidehunter is a hero who would rate it as ganker/tank/support everything a little, it is very good for gankear in early by the gush to slow an ass 40% against someone without boots is almost a stun and later with the ulti.

Not expect to make very good scores since the hero is to get like crazy with the ulti and wait for your teammates kill the enemies that you have left in diapers after pulling the ulti.

Attempts to gankear and help the team whenever possible and cure you go more touched with the URN (object cheto say seriously, cure an ass for what little is worth and if you make me case and gankeas defrayed you loads).

Another good thing of the hero is that given his ulti (you should give all your enemies by the huge area that has) give you many assists and that is good to get you out soon the dagger.

I hope you enjoyed the Guide and things are understood well, I caught some image from another website and some little thing although in general I have written everything I my way, if someone has a complaint doubt or can improve the Dota 2 Guide.


Valve has unveiled some of the statistics that has registered Dota 2 to date.

Among the most striking, we find that more than 100,000,000 games have been played and that currently the title has more than three million unique players each month, which considering that the game is in closed beta phase is a great achievement.

To celebrate, the company has released a new game mode known as "Least Played", in which participants will be forced to use characters that are unfamiliar. This mode will prevent us from using our 20 most used characters, serving us as an incentive to try new heroes.

At the same time it has included a new patch to fix some bugs and add extras to Steam Workshop tools.

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